Didgeridoo The unique sound of the Australian Aboriginal wind instrument



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Didgeridoo is a Windows only 32-bit sample based VST instrument, developed from recordings of live didgeridoo performances and consists of a rhythmic and two drone sections. Each section has its own controls with an array of vocal punctuation sounds enabling a realistic didgeridoo performance. (ROO Didgeridoo, no longer available for purchase, is bundled with Didgeridoo)

Didgeridoo keys range from a low G# to a high G. Key selection for the rhythmic and two drone sections are independent. Optionally both drone key selections can be linked.

MIDI control and automation options are available for all parameters that make creative sense to have them.

Using MIDI CCs and/or a host's automation options to change soundset selections will add variation to long sequences and make them sound more interesting and natural. Automating or real time performing and recording rhythmic pitch bend on drones will also add interest.

Audio output choice of a single stereo output or multi outputs. With multi out the rhythmic and two drone sections will have their own dedicated channel in a host's mixer, opening up endless creative possibilities using third party effects units.

The MIDI File Player with adjustable tempo is not a performance tool but a means to audition MIDI files before importing them to a project. MIDI files can be dragged from the player file browsing window to a MIDI track if a host supports it. MIDI files are included.

Interface colour, saturation and brightness can be edited. The interface is compact by design to minimise mouse travel for quick editing.

Help is incorporated into the interface.

Audio Demonstrations

Aborignal singers, clapsticks and drums are not included with Didgeridoo.

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