Inspire is a sample based synth with four channels, each having its own sound source, controls and options. Although designed primarily to produce rich pads Inspire is capable of much more.

The Dome randomises all, or specific sections, of the four channels settings, except those it doesn't make creative sense to have randomisation applied - see the pictures.

The random sweep generators (RSG) for each of the four channels create sweeps of varying speed and tonality. The master random sweep generators do exactly the same as the RSGs but for all four channels simultaneously (creating different sweeps for each channel). The generated sweeps can be so subtle as to be almost imperceptible, powerfully dramatic or anywhere between the two. There are also sweep templates to aid the creation of custom sweeps. Sweeps can be turned off for each channel by disabling the filter envelope resulting in a regular low/high pass filter.

Using nothing but the Dome and the random sweep generators it's possible to quickly create banks of useful presets.

Output is a single stereo out or multi out.

Inspire - Get all fired up
£23.00 Inspire



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